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Northern Italy


"THANK YOU for all the arrangements. Piedmont was awesome and especially the accommodation and the clubhouse at Le Betulle were great; very welcoming and the food and wine were excellent."

A group of six male golfers


"Thank you for the good arrangements. Everything worked flawlessly. The driver was good and punctual. The hotel is good and in a great location.

Jyrki Sukula had a fun tasting and the Golf Club was a friendly and relaxed place. "

Group of six couples, golfers and non-golfers


“I spent an extended weekend in Castelconturbia, in the fall of 2019. A direct flight to Milan, a short drive to the destination and a direct round of golf from there.

Castelconturbia was the perfect travel destination for me.

During the weekend, different combinations were played, from three different nine holes. The condition of the field was OK with the season.

The hotel rooms were old-fashioned. The food was very good, as is familiar to the Italian.

I would love to go to Castelconturbia again, even for a whole week. Then I would also like to get to know the surrounding area better! "

Single male golfer in a group

Northern Italy

Lake Garda Itinerary

"We made a one-week trip with my wife in August 2019 to Lake Garda. We chose accommodation all the time at the Arzaga Resort. The place turned out to be very comfortable. The service was first class, the room spacious and quiet and the view from the terrace of the second field 18 greens and fairway beautiful. The old castle-like building was clean and quiet. The restaurant services with breakfast are excellent in quality and the setting is very charming. The hotel pool area was quiet and clean, the service was excellent there too.

We played game rounds mainly on the Arzaga courses, which were in good condition and challenging enough, there are also good practice areas. For the Gary Player field, I recommend a car, long transitions and altitude differences, but of course, you can play on foot; during our week the temperature was over 30 degrees during the day. We also played the Franciacorta Golf Course, a picturesque course in the middle of vineyards. Gardagolf was a challenging, interesting, beautiful and well-maintained course.

We had also booked a rental car. By car, we toured around Lake Garda and found many interesting and beautiful villages and towns along the way. There was an Opera Festival in Verona the same week, we went there to see Aida.

Our trip went exactly as we had hoped, the schedule was suitably loose and the location of the accommodation was good, we also had time to experience unplanned things. The Lake Garda area is definitely worth a visit and there are good quality courses for golfers in the area."

A couple

Central Italy


"Everything went great. The hotel was nice in a great location, transportation always worked as agreed upon, concert and art museum tickets booked in advance. Even an additional golf tour on the flight was successful." 

A couple with other two couples

""The trip as a whole was a pleasant experience. The hotel in the centre of Florence was good value for money. The golf courses were great, especially Ugolino was great. The rides to the courses and elsewhere went great. Florence as a city was extraordinary with its sights. A little annoying were the crowds of tourists for someone accustomed to the peace of countryside."

A couple with other two couples

"We had long dreamed of a trip to Florence, but we hadn't made it because of the lack of direct flights. We now contacted Hurray Italia (Golf Breaks Italy), where we got everything we hoped for: rounds on several golf courses, transportation, a concert, art museums, etc. On top of all even a Finnish speaking city guide!"

A couple with other two couples

"Everything went really well. A small surprise was that the upcoming RyderCup course was in the grip of a major renovation. The back ninth was completely closed and instead, we played an executive course where every other hole was par 3 and even par 4s were quite short."

A group of eight male golfers

"We want to thank you for the well-organised journey to Rome.

Everything worked as we hoped, even the game!

We also went to tourism in the city centre, so we got to enjoy the sights of Rome as well. "

Two male golfers

Long stay

Terra dei Consoli

"We spent 4 weeks enjoying Terre dei Consoli in the autumn. The location was the most charming, the apartment was clean and functional. The golf course was challenging, yet comfortable and fair with great views. The staff were friendly and helpful and the tee times were easy to get. However, we recommend renting a car. to facilitate food shopping and exploring the interesting environment." 

A couple

Terra dei Consoli
"We especially enjoyed being free to play and holiday. There was no “dry bun” in terms of schedules.
The course was in good condition with clear markings. There was no congestion.
The apartment was quite nice. Spacious enough.
Good location, well connected to Rome.
The tour operator was nicely “in the background” but still available when needed.
We think the price/quality ratio was right.
Since the shops were a bit far away, a rental car is worth taking. The weather was ok during the early holidays, the last week a bit cool."

A couple

Terra dei Consoli
"The temperature of November in Italy was what I expected: between 15-20 degrees. I guess in a couple of days even over 20 degrees. Although it rained exceptionally during the month, almost every day I got to play. I read on the internet that on average in November it rains for seven days. Often the showers only came in the afternoon when I had already come back from the course. It was bright from 8 am to 5 pm.

I really liked the Terre Dei Consoli course. The terrain was varied and suitably hilly. Although the fairways were long, relief was obtained when playing from a green or red tee. In windy weather, a few fairways were challenging and at the same time interesting. The rain hardly affected the fairway as the course dried quickly. However, the Console course was dry, but in15- minute drive there is the Golf Nazionale, and the Oligiata parks is about a 30-minute drive away.

The club and the course were closed on Mondays, but then you can play on the neighbouring course or tour the countryside and nearby towns with good places to eat and also a lot of history. They had to be seen, so even though Rome was a short train ride away, there was no need to visit it at all.

On the weekends there were tournaments and we started to play in the morning from hole 11. We didn’t want to take part in the tournaments because some of the players don’t know English.

The accommodation was clean, in good condition, and spacious. You can cook for yourself or visit the village of Monterosi less than 2 km away for lunch or dinner. I also got lunch from the club during the day. There were supermarkets nearby, which provided cheap food and drink.

The range and 9 hole training field were great in my opinion. The clubhouse and restaurant were modest, but at the turn of the year, a completely new building will be completed, which will probably improve those services. Admittedly, its location comes a little further from the residential area.

The staff was really friendly and helpful. Sometimes there were a few communication problems when my own English language skills are not the best and not all of the staff knew a lot of English. Well, however, things got clear.

I will also book a 28-day holiday in Terre dei Consoli next November. Surely October is warmer than November in the Monterosi area, but in Finland, November is much worse than October. "

A single male golfer

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